Consett Cricket Club News story

Consett CC Monthly Bonus Ball

10 May 2018

A little something new on the go to give you all a chance to win some money because we know everyone likes the chance of some extra cash in their pockets! Open from now, we will be running a monthly Bonus Ball draw which will be ran by Ian Cox. The draw will be taken from the main Lotto draw on the LAST Saturday of each month. This will run alongside our existing 100 club draw with the two not linked, however numbers for that are also still available, contact Alan Waters for more information on that one. Below is a list of rules for the monthly Bonus Ball;

Numbers 1-59 available to be purchased with each number priced at £5

People can purchase as many numbers as they wish

Numbers will be sold on a first come, first served basis

Any unsold numbers will constitute a roll over if they happen to be the winner and therefore the prize pot will roll over to the following month

Any numbers not paid for by 6pm on the day of the draw will not be paid out if they win and the cash will roll over to the following month, payment will not be deducted from winnings - no exceptions

Maximum prize paid out of £200 depending upon the uptake of numbers each month, final jackpot will be revealed after the 6pm deadline on the day of the draw

Anyone who wants numbers for this first months draw which will take place Saturday 26th May then get in touch with Ian to secure yours. Make sure you have handed him cash or organised bank transfer if that's easier before the cut off point so that you don't miss out. 

Best of luck to everyone who wishes to take part!!