Consett & District Cricket Club - Club Rules

Consett and District Cricket Club



The club shall be called the ‘’Consett and District Cricket Club.’’

2. Objectives of the Club

The objectives of the club are the promotion of cricket and other sports and the provision of opportunities for recreation and social activities for both adults and children.

3. Membership

The club will consist of an unlimited number of members. Any person shall be deemed to be a member of the club upon payment of the appropriate subscription.

Consett and District Cricket Club has adopted a policy of equality of opportunity, which means that it will not discriminate against anyone by reason of:-

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Ethnic origin
  • Colour of skin
  • Religious belief
  • Age
  • Impairment
  • Sexuality

Upon acceptance, a new playing member must be registered with the Northumberland and Tyneside Cricket League before becoming eligible for selection. Playing members must play for the team for which they have been selected by the Selection Committee.

It is a condition of membership that members always conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at meetings, in premises used by the club, and whilst representing the club in any playing or other capacity. A member may be suspended from the club for failure to observe this, or for any other conduct not in line with the aims of the club. Any member so suspended has the right to appeal to the following Management Committee meeting, before expulsion from the club takes place.

The club may invite selected people to become Vice-Presidents. 

Any member wishing to resign must do so in writing to the Secretary, and, if all due subscriptions have been paid, they shall then cease to be a member of the club.

4. Management  

The affairs of the club will be managed by a committee consisting of:-

  • President
  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Fixtures Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Captain 1st XI
  • Vice-Captain 1st XI
  • Captain 2nd XI
  • Vice-Captain 2nd XI
  • Captain 3rd XI
  • Vice-Captain 3rd XI
  • At least 4 club members [if possible one to be under 21]

The above committee, any four of whom shall form a quorum, will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and will have powers to co-opt as necessary.

5. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will usually be held in November each year and not more than fifteen months later than the previous Annual General Meeting, for the following purposes:-

5a  To elect:-

  • President
  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Fixtures Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Captain 1st XI
  • Vice-Captain 1st XI
  • Captain 2nd XI
  • Vice-Captain 2nd XI
  • Captain 3rd XI
  • Vice-Captain 3rd XI
  • Honorary Auditor
  • League Representatives x 3

5b To elect a Management Committee as per rule 4.

5c To elect a Selection Committee. This committee shall consist of an odd number and not more than nine members, five of whom shall be Chairman, Secretary, 1st XI Captain, 2nd XI Captain and 3rd XI Captain. In the event of non-availability of any captain, the respective vice-captain shall attend.

5d To elect a Bar Committee, consisting of not less than three members, to administer and control the running of the bar. All members of the bar Committee must be aged 18 years or over.

 5e To elect a Grounds Committee of no more than 4 people who will be responsible for the organisation and preparation of the field for all matches organised by the club.

5f To carry out any further business appertaining to the interests of the club.

Forward notice of the Annual General Meeting must be given to members at least four weeks before the intended meeting date, by means of a notice displayed in the clubhouse and on the club website.

A list will be displayed on the club notice board inviting nominations for club officials, together with proposers and seconders for the aforementioned positions.

6. Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting may be called by the Secretary.

A request for a Special General Meeting may be made to the Secretary, in writing, by three Management Committee members or nine club members, naming the object of the meeting.

The meeting must be held within four weeks of the request being made. Notice of the Special General Meeting must be given to members at least two weeks before the intended meeting date, by means of a notice displayed in the clubhouse and on the club website.

7. Management Committee Meeting

The Management Committee will usually meet on the second Tuesday of each month, and will meet on no less than 6 occasions during a year.


8. Finances

All funds will be kept in bank accounts in the name of the club. The Treasurer, Chair and Secretary of the club will be signatories on the account and all cheques will require two signatures.

Detailed income and expenditure accounts will be prepared by the Treasurer and presented to the Management Committee on at least a quarterly basis and at the Annual General Meeting.

A separate bank account will be opened exclusively for use by the Bar Committee. All payments from this account must be for expenditure directly related to the running of the bar. Surplus funds from the bar account will be transferred to the main club account. Detailed bar accounts will be prepared by the bar committee and presented to the Management Committee on at least a quarterly basis and at the Annual General Meeting.

The club may raise funds through subscriptions, match fees and any other fund-raising activities deemed appropriate by the Management Committee. The club may also raise funds by obtaining grants from other bodies.

9. Subscriptions

The rate of subscriptions is to be decided at the Annual General Meeting, after receiving the recommendations from the Management Committee.

The membership classifications are as follows:-

  • Full playing member
  • Student playing member
  • Junior playing member
  • Vice presidents
  • Social members

All subscriptions will be due on the 1st May each year and if unpaid by the 31st May, the Secretary will advise members in default. Any member who has not paid his subscription by the first Monday after that date may not be considered for selection until the subscription is paid, subject to the discretion of the Management Committee.

10. Temporary filling of Offices

When any office becomes vacant, from any cause whatsoever, the Management Committee will have the power to temporarily fill such office until the earliest opportunity arises to carry out the normal election procedures.

11. Intoxicating Liquor and Substance Misuse

Intoxicating liquor will not be supplied or is intended to be supplied to members on club premises, otherwise than by or on behalf of the club.

No person under the age of 18 years shall be allowed to purchase or consume intoxicating liquor on club premises. The club operates a Challenge 25 policy in accordance with government guidelines.
Substance misuse will not be tolerated on the premises. 
Anyone attempting to purchase alcohol underage or partaking in substance misuse is committing a criminal offence. By doing so you will be barred from the premises and reported to the relevant authorities. 

12. Permitted Hours

The clubhouse may be opened at any time for the purpose of meetings, club related activities, maintenance or cleaning. 
The hours permitted for sale by retail of alcohol are set out below;

Monday to Sunday (upstairs)

11.00 am to 11.00 pm

Monday to Sunday (downstairs)

12.30 pm to 10 pm

New Year's Eve (upstairs)

11 am to 2am

Marquee (max 4 per year May-Sept)

12.30 pm to 10.30pm

The club Designated Premises Supervisor (Licensee) is Ian Cox. Ian is responsible for the safe management of licensable activities and the promotion of ensuring that council and government licensing objectives are met. All bar staff have been trained in accordance with these licensing objectives and only trained staff will be allowed behind bar areas to serve.

13. Visitors

Due to a change to a Premises License at the club instead of the previous Club Premises Certificate, members no longer need to sign in to use the bar and are guests are not required to be signed in. 
We do expect that all visitors will treat the premises with respect and will arrive and leave in an orderly manner so as not to disturb local residents with noise, anti-social behaviour or any other related activities. 

Management and staff reserve the right to refuse entry and/or service to anyone. Failure to comply with club rules and requests from staff could see persons banned from the club and/or reported to the local 

14. Child Protection and Welfare

All reasonable measures will be taken to ensure children are adequately protected whilst participating in activities related to their membership of the club through:-

  • The appointment of a suitably trained Welfare Officer
  • Adopting and implementing a child protection policy
  • Complying with the ECB ‘’safe hands’’ child protection requirements.

15. Alteration to club rules

No rule may be altered unless at an Annual General  or Special General Meeting. Any proposal to alter the club rules and constitution must be submitted to the Secretary not less than 28 days before the Annual or Special General Meeting at which it is to be discussed. Such a proposal must be made in writing and supported by at least two members of the club.

16. Dissolution of the Club

The Management Committee, or if a committee no longer exists, a majority of the remaining members of the club can propose that the club be dissolved. They must give at least 14 days notice to all members of the club of the date and venue of the meeting at which the matter will be discussed. Remaining members will be informed, wherever reasonably possible, by means of a letter to their last known address. For the sole purpose of dissolution, a quorum need not apply and the club may be dissolved by a two-thirds majority of those present.

The assets remaining when the club has satisfied its liabilities will be applied to benefit the community as the meeting shall decide, according to the aims of the club.


Signed and agreed.


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I.Cox                                                   A. Cox

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