Consett Cricket Club - 100 Club

The 100 club is now being run by Mark Roe. At present, all numbers are taken which is great to see as this brings a small, steady trickle of revenue into the club. 

There is a slight change to how this will operate which will see a draw every Monday night. The former Snowball draw on the first Saturday of the month will now take place on the first Monday of the month with a guaranteed prize of £50. The draws made on the subsequent Mondays of the month will have a £20 prize to the winner. Numbers are only 50p per week so pleasure ensure you are paid up to date by contacting Mark.

February Winners;
1st Feb - Number 22 - Gordon Hunter - £50
8th Feb - Number 15 - Paul Ringer - £20
15th Feb - Number 68 - Colin McPherson - £20
22nd Feb - Number 52 - Dominic McCabe - £20

March Winners;
1st March - £50
8th March - £20
15th March - £20
22nd March - £20
29th March - £20