Consett Cricket Club News story

Local Covid Measures - How It Affects Us

18 Sep 2020

Hello everyone,

Following on from the announcement that stricter measures have been introduced in the North East we thought we should provide you with an update on how it affects the club both on and off the field.

With IMMEDIATE effect the clubhouse bar will be closed, including match days - This is not a decision that we have taken lightly but as the bar is manned by volunteers we feel that, under the new proposed guidelines of table service only, no group gatherings, social bubbles and so on that it would be unfair to expect and of our volunteers to be put under the level of pressure and stress this would likely bring to ensure that we are meeting the new rules and guidelines. 

Spectators - It has been advised that spectators are not to attend sporting events in the area whether at grass roots or professional level. Although this is a cruel blow to the final weekend of fixtures, including us hosting a cup final on Sunday, we must advise all of our members and supporters of what the government has published. The exception to this would be for any juniors who are playing in either of the weekend fixtures as they are allowed to have parent(s)/guardian(s) in attendance from a welfare and safeguarding point of view. In this circumstance they would not be classed as spectators. We are away that our ground is classed as public land and has more to it than just the cricket field and that people use the area for exercise and dog walking etc. We cannot stop this from happening but merely post advice based on guidance and hope that those choosing to exercise on the grounds does not bear correlation to the fixtures taking place. The only people who have a need to be there during the games are players, match officials, league officials, club officials or ground staff, all of whom are necessary for the games to take place. 

We will constantly be keeping an eye on and reviewing any changes published by the local councils or government with the intention of being back open again as soon as possible. We can assure you that once it makes more sense for us to be open and we can do so in an easier manner we will certainly be doing so and allowing people to get back to socialising at Balckfyne. 

In the meantime we thank everyone we have seen during this difficult and short season so far for their support both on and off the field and thank the leagues we participate in for making some play possible in a year where that had seemed extremely unlikely. We hope everyone is keeping well, don't forget to look out for each other in testing times and making sure your friends are ok. People at the club are always there for you if you need to lend an ear or drop a message to help in any way they can. 

In positive news we absolutely will be back and are already planning for 2021 in the hope that we will have a full season and a more 'normal' world of cricket and life ahead of us. 

Take care everyone and we will see you all soon,

Consett CC Committee