Consett Cricket Club News story

Alan Waters - Funeral Arrangements

02 Dec 2020

The funeral of Alan will be taking place on Tuesday 8th December at Mountsett Crematorium. 

Due to national guidelines, only 15 people are permitted to attend. To ensure that club members, supporters and friends can pay tribute to Alan, the hearse will be coming via the cricket club and the job centre on it's way to the crematorium. We estimate that Alan will be paying one final visit to Blackfyne around 2.45pm, and are making people aware that they are able to come and pay their respects on the club grounds. The hearse will enter the car park and face across the field momentarily before continuing on. For those who have one and are able to bring it, we request that they bring a cricket bat along with them. This will enable those who bring one to form a guard of honour as the hearse leaves the ground and heads down Hope Street, a fitting tribute for a man who put so much of his life and soul into the club. 

Susan has requested that anyone who was thinking of sending flowers for the funeral cars, that they instead make a similar donation to Macmillan Cancer Support for the help they provided to Alan and his family -

We do ask that those who attend, remember that in Tier 3 there are still rules regarding social distancing in place across the region. Can we please also ask that they keep a reasonable area clear on both Hope Street and on the club car park immediately inside of the gates as the funeral cars will need sufficient room to manoeuvre their way in and out of the ground. 

Please be aware that timings are currently an estimate and if there are any changes, we will do our best to communicate these in due course.