Consett Cricket Club News story

The 100 Club Is Back!!

31 Jan 2021

The 100 club will be starting back up from Monday 1st February. We now have all numbers taken which is a fantastic effort! Don’t forget to make sure you keep paid up to date -
Mark Roe
will keep you right as he is the man with the tick sheets and will be chasing up anyone who owes money.
How it now works!
There has been a tweak to how we operate the 100 club. Prize money used to be dependant upon your attendance at the club. However given we can’t currently attend the club at the present time the prize money will be paid each week.
From now on, the first Monday of each month will be the ‘Snowball’ and therefore carry a prize of £50.
Each subsequent Monday of that month, the prize will be £20. This will repeat each and every month and now that all numbers are currently taken there will no longer be any roll overs.
The numbers are only 50p a week so there’s no excuses for people getting behind.
Monies are to be paid either by bank transfer to the club account (details available from Mark) or by handing cash to him in person. Post dated cheques aren’t allowed before the comedians ask... Best of luck everyone and thanks for you continued support!