Consett & District Cricket Club News story

Roadmap Step 4

19 Jul 2021

Hello everyone, 

Just a quick update as to what step 4 means for us as a club. 

Largely, things are unchanged. Cricket is still taking place and the bar will still be open. During matches, we will be utilising the downstairs bar for service only. This bar is accessible to all and again keeps the risks low in terms of transmission while case numbers are still high. QR codes will still be on display for track and trace purposes, this is no longer a legal requirement for people to sign in so we are leaving it up to people to proceed with whatever makes them feel comfortable. 

Our inside bar will no longer operate at reduced capacity but we will still be attempting to ventilate the area as much as possible so if the windows and doors are open then they are that way for a reason. We will not be enforcing mask wearing or vaccine passports but we will also not discriminate against those who wish to continue to wear them in indoor settings. We will also continue to provide sanitiser in as many areas as possible and actively encourage people to continue with good hand washing and sanitising practices. 

One major change is that you will now be able to walk up to the bar for your service. However, we do ask that you do not congregate at and crowd the bar service area as this could make our staff feel uncomfortable and their safety is as paramount as yours. If this happens, we will back our staff if they choose not to serve you. The app ordering service will still be available to our patio area tables as before for those who wish to continue to use it. 

Our changing rooms and showers will remain available for use during matches for both our own players and visitors, however we will remind people to keep occupancy of these to a minimum and advise people to spend as much time as possible outside in well ventilated areas to avoid the risk of being identified as close contacts in the case of one of your team mates returning a positive test at some point. 

We are very happy that things appear to be returning to normal but we would ask that we continue to exercise some of the good practices that people have adhered to over the last 17 months. Not everyone will yet be fully confident and ready to go back full throttle so we ask that you respect all players and patrons when visiting the ground and especially respect the wishes and instructions of our staff and volunteers. 

We thank you all for your continued support and can't wait to see you all again throughout the rest of the season!