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100 club refresh March 2023

22 Feb 2023

Dear 100 Club Members,

Thank you for your support over the last few years.

We are currently refreshing the management of the 100 club to make the process simpler and smoother for all involved.

From March 2023 we ask that all 100 club members pay for their numbers via standing order to the club please.

Each number will be £5 per month, and draws will occur every Monday with a prize of £75.

If anyone wishes to surrender their number(s) please contact by the end of February.

To bring the draws for February up to date before we move onto the new system please can all the following 100 club members pay up until the end of February 2023 and then step up a standing order for £5 per number per month from March onwards.

Jonny Bradley £7

John Chapman £22.5

Jayne Chapman £15

Robert Chapman £15

Candice Coates £8

Andrew Forster £8

Ann Hunter £5

Gary Hunter £2

Gordon Hunter £5

Phil Hunter £4

Jack Marshall £7.50

Laura Milne £8

Tommy Nichol £10

Paul Thompson £2

Simon Thompson £2

Judith Williamson £13.50

Neil Williamson £4

Several members have overpaid past February, please pay the following amounts for March (based on the £5 per number) , and then step up a standing order from April 2023, assuming you wish to maintain all your current numbers. Contact if you wish to change or reduce your numbers.

Ian Atkinson £4

Mark Dixon £3.50

Geoff Graham £13

Keith Horn £7.50

Colin McPherson £8

Paul Ringer 50p

Mark Roe £1.50

Mike Rogers £3

Peter Stoddart £4

Top Club £2

John Walker - no payment in March

Jenna Wall - no payment in March

David Wilkinson £14

Joy Wilkinson £7

I have to say I'm relatively confident in the figures, but please bear with us if you don't think yours is correct and drop a message.

Thanks for your patience and support.


Best Wishes,

The 100 Club